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Upcoming Supper Dates:

"Jump Into The Fire"

Saturday May 19th, 7:30 pm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Reserve your ticket here.


For the daytripper, Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a playground of hour wait brunches, weiner snitchzels, and Polish pierogis.  But for the enthusiast craving a bit more exploration- The Bad Mother Supper Club is a list you'll want to get on.   

Garage rock on vinyl, free flowing wine, marbleized 2" tall cut wagyu steak, christmas lighting... sounds fun? It is.  The Bad Mother Supper is a private, underground, multi-course, dinner party hosted by butcher and chef, John Bisignano.  Somewhere between dining at an exclusive restaurant and enjoying dinner with friends, our evenings are a true New York experience, curated by a Brooklyn born New Yorker. 

Underground dining is not a new idea- in fact it's been around for centuries.  In 18th Century France the supper club was the origin of what would become the modern day restaurant.  Popularized by 1950s housewives and revived again in the 70s with martinis and cheese fondue, the dinner party has made its mark as a much celebrated American pastime.    

Our signature dishes feature high-end Japanese Wagyu beef bridging multi-cultural cuisines. Americana, Italian, and Japanese inspired courses come together in a unique yet sensible way, incorporating only the freshest, most seasonal ingredients.  Here at the bad mother, our mantra is cultivated flavor and good company.  We're always striving to outdo ourselves and craft the most wonderfully unique dining experience. 





TBA Day Of Event

Greenpoint | Williamsburg



7 PM - 12 AM

Hours may vary per event.




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How It Works

Tickets are available at the time of reservation. 

Our suggested donation is $150 per person to cover costs.  While we do accept major credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin, we love our diners who bring cash! We are reservation only and seating is extremely limited.  Please be punctual, this is a labor of love!

Guests are welcome and encouraged to bring a spirit of their choice, however we will be serving cocktails.  As this is not a typical restaurant experience please allow for at least three hours celebration time. 

Upon request, we will do our best to accommodate vegetarian and other dietary restrictions unless otherwise specified in the invite email. Some meals will we will not be able to accomodate. 

We ask that cancelations are done 72 hours in advance to the event. WE cannoT issue refunds for eventbrite purchases - however if you need to reschedule we will honor your ticket at a future event.

This courtesy is greatly appreciated and its importance cannot be understated.  we design, prepare, and purchase our food for you and only you, our confirmed guests.  

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"A Bacchanalian feast of epic proportion. Warm vibes, good music, good people. Best steaks around, with complex dishes to boot."


"The Wagyu sushi is incredible."

- Mark S. Brooklyn, NY

"The Bad Mother Supper Club was a fun escape from the boring script of dining out. Cheers to John and Janene for pulling off a night of killer social and culinary experiences!" 


"John and Janene cook up a delicious melange of concept, cuisine and company!"



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The Bad Mother Supper Club is bringing the party to YOU!

Private Events at your place, Catering, Rock 'n' Roll Vinyl DJs, Craft Cocktail Bartenders - the full rock 'n' roll party package, for real.

Over the course of the past year, many of our guests, friends, family and our wonderful diners have asked if we could host a private Bad Mother Supper event at their home, event space, or if we could cater their parties. The results have been nothing short of wonderful.  The Bad Mother Supper Club is accepting inquiries on a first come - first serve basis. We will evaluate each request individually and if the stars line up, we'll be happy to provide a full rock 'n' roll party/dining experience. 

You've got options.

We can design menus exactly as we do at our events, where the menu is revealed the day of (allowing us the flexibility to adapt to the absolute freshest and finest ingredients) - In this case, we can create a menu that suits your guests' dietary restrictions as long as you let us know what you need up front.

OR, for your catered event, we also offer the option of designing a customized menu that suits your needs and your budget. Same deal. Dietary restrictions? No problem. 

We can also provide rock 'n' roll vinyl DJs and craft cocktail bartenders, homemade ice cream and creative dessert options. Let us know what you have in mind.

We're looking to provide a personalized event that will stand out as a pinnacle. This isn’t going to resemble what a typical caterer might offer. We're shooting for something different. 

If you'd like to request the Bad Mother Supper Club to come to you, please reach out to us today at badmothersupper@gmail.com


Your Chef,